Basic Learning Conversations

Basic Learning Conversations

This course is just like a foreign language conversational course where the basic conversations are initiated from the routine aspects of life. E.g. When you meet for the first time, or how to request for something etc..

Now the purpose here is to make learner aware of how these things are said or what the standardized way of saying such things. Many of the conversational aspects are so standardized and common that one has to use these expressions and any altered form means a novice or an exception expert.

But the everyday expressions are very common and this course gives a familiarity to these expressions making it a routine habit of communication.

E.g. A novice would invite a guest and might land up saying “Please sit here” , where as the simple and common expression is “Please, have a seat”. OR imagine you are asked by your colleague “Please can you show me how to draw this?”, the sentence is perfectly fine but the apt way of saying would be “ Please, can you help me with this?”

Essentially, this course makes you aware of most common way of saying rather than the way you want to communicate.


Basic Learning Conversations - Sample unit


A: Excuse me, do you mind if I sit down?

B: No. Let me move my bag.

A: Thanks. By the way, do you live in the dorm? I think I've seen you there.

B: Yes, I just moved in last week.

A: I live in the dorm, too.

B: Oh, really? Do you like it?

A: Yeah, it's okay. It takes me about 5 minutes to get to my first class in the morning.

B: I'm not so lucky. My first class is on the other side of the university. But I've got a bicycle, so it doesn't take too long.

A: I've got a bike, too. But I haven't needed it this semester.

B: Well, this is my stop coming up. By the way, my name's Bob.

A: Hi, Bob. I'm Sylvia.

B: Nice meeting you, Sylvia. I'll probably see you around.

A: Okay. Bye, Bob.