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Pronunciation Guide

Pronunciation Guide

Great effort has to be made to sound like the original and this course exactly develops the learner to speak out like original. This course teaches on the pronunciation which means the way words are said when spelled in particular way.

Pronunciation is different than accent and the pronunciation depends on the spelling of the word and there are rules to this.

E.g. One might pronounce “island” as “ Iceland or eeceland” and not “Iehland”. And this pronunciation is standardized because s is silent here and it is believed that the s is silent for the words where the word has been adopted from different language. But whatever the reason, everyone remembers this as a matter of fact.

Pronunciation also comes in many varieties like pronouncing ‘director' as ‘deerector' or ‘dyerector' both are accepted pronunciations and there are plenty of words in English which can be pronounced in more than 1 one way.

The Pronunciation Guide is hence very very essential for a student of English and it improves the learner's attachment with the language.

The Pronunciation Guide is thorough with each and every possible rule followed even if its applicable to only a single word of English just as mentioned above like ‘island'.

Pronunciation Guide is a mechanism of speaking English rightly and it's the best course available anywhere.