Radio Broadcast Type Audio Course



Radio Broadcast Type Audio Course

This is the simulated class room environment. Imagine a class of a foreign language going on with teacher teaching to the students. And suppose you are not sitting in the class room but outside the class room where you are able to just hear the proceedings and not see anything.

Imagine a student has a difficulty in foreign language and he is talking to the teacher on the same. And you happen to hear the conversation between them.

In both situations you learn virtually but the course has a scope of your involvement because you can consider being part of that conversation or class and even reacting or responding to the teacher's comments and talks.

This course has proved immensely beneficial because it looks like a live recording of a live class which you will be using for your learning anytime later.

Radio Broadcast Type Audio Course is something which you can independently listen and get involved in the learning. The advantage of this course is that in a live class when you are present you can not immediately ask to repeat what teacher said or may be not many times. But in this course you can repeat it as many times till you understand it clearly.

Radio Broadcast Type Audio Course is a live class session and that makes it a perfect way to learn.


Japanese - sample unit
Chinese - sample unit
Spanish - sample unit