Colloquial & Contemporary Course

Colloquial & Contemporary Audio Course

Many a times the languages taught in courses are so literary that one may get strange attention if spoken in that way. While languages have grown and evolved the contemporary language is the one which is used by common man and on the streets. The language which is of current age and not spoken centuries ago, is the one called as Colloquial language.

E.g. If you are disappointed or irritated you might want to say “That's so absurd” where as we usually land up saying “That's Bullshit” which is perfectly accepted way of expression in present era. If the same had been used few decades earlier it might have been taken as offensive. The usages of such expressions have increased in recent years and hence a modern person knows what to make out of it.

Colloquial language is different in vocabulary and certain expressions where as the basic of the language always remains same. Colloquial language is important because usually expressions today have become more bold and loud. People are more expressive in their emotions these days and it reflects in the language.

More over Colloquial language reflects the common man's street language rather than literary language. Imagine some one saying “Hey dude” to a very old person and imagine his plight when he is unable to make out the meaning of expression.

Colloquial language course gives you the variation of the language used as of now. And it gives you more confidence of moving around with more certainty on modern / contemporary outlook.


Cantonese - sample unit