Essential Full Audio Course
90 Lessons - 1/2 to 1 hour each



Essential Full Audio Course

The Lingo Fx25 Essential Audio Course is a language acquisition method developed based on four main principles:


Graduated interval recall

Organic learning

Learning like a child

This breakthrough audio programs use a natural mode of interactive communication questions and answers; statement and rejoinder; give and take beginning with the most frequently utilized vocabulary native speakers use in their every day conversations with each other. These are the most useful words and structures every language learner needs to insure communication.

The research suggested that the way we learned our own language as a child was nothing like the way we are taught languages at school. With this background a method was devised what was called as 'organic learning', where vocabulary, pronunciation and comprehension are presented simultaneously. The result is an understanding of the language as native speakers use it

How does the Essential Audio Program System achieve so much so quickly?

Language can be divided into two distinct areas: Grammatical Structures (function words) and Concrete Vocabulary (content words). Most of everyday conversation is composed of function words - for example, in the sentence "Could you tell me the way to the hotel?", only 'hotel' is a content word. By focusing on the function elements, this enables the student to comprehend and employ the structure of a new language quickly and naturally.

How does the Essential Audio Program System ensure that you remember what you have learned?

Another key component of this method is Graduated Interval Recall, where essential information is repeated at precisely the right time for you to retain it. The intervals between repetitions are gradually increased until you remember the information without being reminded. This timed recycling of information moves your new knowledge from short-term to long-term memory with the least possible effort.


Japanese Lesson 1 /90
Chinese Lesson 5 /90
Spanish Lesson 10 /90
Arabic Lesson 15 /90