Living & Spoken Course

Living & Spoken Course

Living & Spoken Course is a special course to address the local requirement of the region and culture. Imagine you are learning a foreign language in your home town, but as a learning process a small township is built around you so that you get a real feeling of foreign language and culture..

Living & Spoken Course gives more stress on cultural way of learning. If you can get to know how the native people think and react in the situations then one gets a real responding way of language.

Living & Spoken Course takes you through different situations and prepares you exactly the way the native person will react and speak. The way native people think and imagine and interact is the basis for this course and it makes this course quite realistic and effective.

Imagine a situation like you have wrongly occupied a seat in a train or bus and someone claims it as reserved by him. This happens very oftenly. Or imagine you have wrongly parked your vehicle where someone else is supposed to. Both these situations are likely to invite argument. And exactly the way a person behaves depends lot on the way his culture has taught him to tackle the situation. Some cultures are very polite and logical and some are very aggressive and demanding. The way one uses language is what the new learner should adopt.

Living & Spoken Course is essentially a learning course for those who literally want to be part of the new community and become the inherent element of it.


Russian - sample unit