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If you want to learn a foreign language then easiest, fastest and most effective way could be watching a real foreign language movie with English subtitles.

You should have one foreign language movie CD with English subtitles and a player with pause, stop rewind etc facility. And you should have enough time with you so that you can watch this movie n' number of times with repeated pauses and plays.

This is the most entertaining, griping and grasping way of learning a language and it gives you instant comfort with the language.

Ideally if one has watched a movie for 20 times, a person would be able to understand and listen most of the things in foreign language. The person can also speak a contemporary language with ease.

Lingo FX25 has a good collection of popular movies and it's really useful and it's strongly recommended that a learner should try this option of watching a movie as mentioned above to enhance the language skills.


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