Most Common Phrases


Most Common Phrases (Text)

Just like Conversational Audio Course , this course refers the most common sentences used in daily life. We may not realize as its so routine and common but we use certain sentences or words repeatedly in many situations or generally.


Have you finished?

Where are you going?,

Are you coming?

What's up / what's new?

Where are you?,

You know this? Etc…

And you may not realize but there are hundreds of such sentences which if one remembers or by-heart them gives a comfortable movement with the new language.

The most common phrases means the most commonly used sentences in daily life. These phrases are very common and can be understood by one and all and they come out so casually that one may not even have to go deeper inside to find out the grammar or rules.

The text format has pronunciation guide in English which gives perfect way to say the word and sentence.

The Most Common Phrases are suitable to most of the learners because these small sentences are easy to use and help you enter the situation.

Most Common Phrases is an easy way to get the flavor of any language and the advantage of this course lies in the fact that it does not follow conventional flow of the learning in any steps. One can even start from the middle of the content and even begin next time at the end making it most flexible and easy option to learn.

While learning with Most Common Phrases the idea is to have the familiarity of the language and also it should not be too complicated and burden some. Hence this course follows a simple way of making you aware of most common way the people speak and chose your pick from the sentences to use it effectively.

Most Common Phrases (Audio)

Most Common Phrases has also an audio component which helps you repeat exactly the way a native speaker does. As the sentences are small and easily understandable one learns to repeat and say by them selves.

Most Common Phrases Audio contains the same content as above with spoken sentences.


Spanish - sample unit
el hotel

the hotel

Have you got...?
una habitación
a room
el baño
the bathroom
Para cuántos días?
For how many days?
Tengo una reserva
I have a reservation
Su nombre?
Your name?
Su pasaporte?
Your passport?