Basics on Script & Written Forms

Basics on Script & written forms

Every language has its own script and the knowledge of it makes one ‘literate' . Learning to read and write is a technical activity and it's done through a proper study sitting with paper pencil and sketching the lines and the alphabets. This is a full time long process and can take few years before you can actually begin to read news papers etc.

But knowing a foreign language and not knowing the script means you are still foreigner to the new language because in the day to day routine there are innumerable things which you understand/do by glancing on sign boards, tags etc.

And so to make you familiar with the basic script, the most common sign boards and most common written matter is included in Lingo Fx25.

E.g. Route Numbers on Bus, Various sign boards at bus station / railway stations/airports like toilet, prohibited, enquiry, ticket… etc., Sign boards on shops like restaurant, clothes, shoes etc, general menu card in restaurants, general indications of directions on streets, milestones, etc. etc.

Lingo Fx25 is basically a spoken language course but the alphabets and the written patterns are introduced for the benefit of the learners.

  Sample Common Signs

Common Japanese signs

営業中   Open

準備中   Closed

入口   Entrance

出口   Exit

大・中・小 Big / Middle / Small

押   Push

引   Pull

お手洗い   Toilet

男   Men

女   Women

止   Forbidden / Prohibited