Sentence Creation & Conversation


Sentence Creation & Conversation

Every time we want to say something in new language we hesitate because we do not know where to begin and how to phrase it, which word to come first and which to come later. Every language has its own rule for forming sentence. This rule if studied in depth will then be called as grammar. But the prelude to learning grammar is understanding the pattern of sentence formation which then can be used with any vocabulary with any situation.

The underlying principle is that once we know a pattern of sentence then what remains is “fill in the blanks” as per the situation demands. E.g I want tea is same as I want car, I want PC etc. where even when the situations are different we can manage ourselves better.

Once the basic patterns of sentences are understood, the language becomes comfortable to understand and talk.

This is an easy way to get acquainted with the new language and its faster also.

The advantage of this course is that one can always keep on building the patterns for different use.


Greek - sample unit
Hebrew - sample unit
Farsi - sample unit